• STACK.aero

    A business operations system specifically for Business Aviation.

    Built on the Salesforce.com platform and integrating with
    aviation scheduling/quoting systems for automatic data syncing.

  • What does STACK.aero mean for your business?

    Sales process automation.

    Automation of manual processes including contract and invoice generation. Replace entire processes/systems/spreadsheets.


    Save time, reduce manual data entry and double handling of information.

    Increased sales and profitability.

    Prioritization of high-value requests, faster request response times, automatic sales reminders, increased sales trend insights.


    Drive sales and growth on your terms.


    Your data in one place.

    All your historic trip, customer and sales data and documentation stored in one place, such as past quotes, total revenue by customer, total block hours, fleet utilization and much more.


    A 'source of truth' for ALL your data and documents.


    Organization-wide transparency.

    Automatic generation of reports, analytics and dashboards, custom-designed to your business needs.


    Identify trends, pre-empt sales, improve customer service, identify operational/fleet weaknesses.

    IT system integration.

    'Closing-the-loop' between Accounting, Marketing and Email systems incl. Sage, Quickbooks & MailChimp, to automate email campaigns and financial recording.


    Get your systems to 'talk' to one another and reduce system-switching and data redundancy.

  • STACK.aero

    Industry-first workflow solution for Charter Operations


    STACK.aero CharterMetrics reporting in Salesforce for business aviation

    Custom reports & dashboards

    Organization-wide transparency.

    Automatically generated daily sales reports and department dashboards, displaying anything from sales activity to aircraft 'slot-utilization'.

    STACK.aero CharterMetrics dashboard in Salesforce for business aviation

    Sales cycle automation

    Supporting accountability.

    Automatic prompts to contact leads, targeting tools for e-marketing, trip pattern recognition and other features..

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