• Full sales process automation.

    'One-click' quote and contract generation, customized to your company style . Automatic approval workflows (Ops, Owner, Revenue Management, trip changes etc).


    Reduced reliance on Ops pre-flight. Seamless communication and handover between all departments.

    Your data in one place.

    Automatic quote & trip data syncing between your quoting/scheduling systems and the STACK platform. Full sales, customer and fleet metrics – any data in STACK can be measured,.


    All your historic trip, customer & sales data and documentation stored in one place (past quotes, total revenue by customer, total block hours, fleet utilization and much more).


    A 'source of truth' for ALL your data and documents.

    Increased sales & profitability.

    Prioritization of high-value requests, faster request response times, automatic sales reminders, increase sales trend insights. Drive sales and growth on your terms.

    Full CRM functionality.

    All customer/quote/trip data, automatically updated and displayed on one screen. Automatic follow-up reminders, customer scoring, targeting tools for e-marketing, trip pattern recognition and much more.

    Some cool features.

    Owner portal || Fleet calendar replicated in Outlook || Pro-forma invoices out of hours

    || Post-trip feedback workflows (crew/customers)

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