• Our aviation-industry experience.

    We are not just a tech company - our founders had well-established careers in Business Aviation before starting STACK.aero, having worked for some of the industry's largest Operators and Brokers (see 'Our Team' page for more).


    Our team's industry experience means they understand the issues and challenges facing Charter Operators and can speak your language. No need to try and explain to a tech company how the unique Charter industry works or what ICAO means!

    Out-of-the-box solutions, customized solutions or both.

    Every customer receives our 'core' solution, with the option to pick and choose additional components./modules/features and have them customized to their operation.


    Every Operator has different processes and ways of doing things and we can tailor our system to fit you.

    Data security and privacy.

    STACK.aero is built on the Salesforce.com platform so our customers automatically access the data and permissions structures of the world's most powerful cloud platform, with data centers local to your region.


    All STACK customers own their own data and have a dedicated database instance, separate from all other customers, and can take their data off our platform at any time.

    Mobile access.

    Generate trip requests, receive notifications, check data and reports, all from your mobile device, anywhere in the world.


    Create contracts, invoices and any other trip documents you need while on the go.

    One central place for all your data and documents.

    A 'source of truth' for your organization and teams - easy and consistent access to all your critical information.

    No more lost, conflicting or dated data and documents, with consistency across all your platforms and systems.

    Monthly license fee structure.

    Predictable monthly spend based on aircraft and user numbers.

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